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Learn More About Us

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Established in year 1999,PMC was setup with the concept of a one- stop centre for events and exhibition services.

With a growing team of talents; backed with valuable experience and knowledge in the field, we make our clients’ ideas come alive.

Our Expertise includes project management, research & design, events & marketing communications and exhibition setup.

PMC aims to build confidence and recognition in the field of an integrated one stop total solution for our clients’ business in South East Asia.

With our strong network of partners in Asia Pacific, we are extending our operations to the Middle East. With our dedicated team, seamless workflow and a stringent quality standard, PMC is oriented and poised to provide our client with our most personalised service and attention.

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Our vision

PMC believes in providing Inovation , Quality and Consistent service to all our clients while not compromising on providing the personalised touch and service.


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Learn more about our services

Let our team turn your dream to reality